Skip The Queues At Disneyland Paris With Fastpass.

Published: 09 May 2020 by Debbie

Do you love Disneyland Paris but hate the queues? Or are you planning your first trip and want to make the most of the time you have?


Using Disneyland Paris' Fastpass service will help you reduce the time you wait for certain rides and attractions, leaving you with more time to enjoy the magic - who wouldn't want that?! So keep reading to become familiar with the Fastpass system and to discover our top tips for getting the most out of your trip.

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So, What Is Fastpass?

Fastpass is a brilliant service which helps guests reduce their wait times at certain attractions.


A Fastpass ticket gives you an allotted time to visit a ride or attraction. You come back at the specified time, join a much smaller queue (sometimes there is no one in the Fastpass queue) and jump on the ride within a few minutes. We love using the Fastpass system, especially when the parks are busy.

Peter Pan Fastpass Ticket | The Organised Explorers
Star Tours Fastpass Tickets | The Organised Explorers
Big Thunder Mountain Fastpass Ticket | The Organised Explorers

How Much Does It Cost?

It's absolutely free! The standard Disneyland Paris Fastpass is a free service available to all guests.


Disneyland Paris has recently introduced a paid Fastpass service. For the latest information and prices, visit the Disneyland Paris website here.


This new paid Fastpass system doesn't affect the free standard service which we're discussing in this post.

Which Rides Can I Get A Fastpass For?

In Disneyland Park:

• Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

• Big Thunder Mountain

• Peter Pan's Flight

• Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

• Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

• Star Wars Hyper Space Mountain.


In Walt Disney Studios:

• Ratatouille: The Adventure

• The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

How Do I Get A Fastpass?

Getting hold of a Fastpass is simple. All you need is the ticket you used to enter the park


Step 1: Go to an attraction with a Fastpass machine.

Step 2: Scan your park ticket at the machine and collect the Fastpass ticket that will appear.

Step 3: At the time specified on your ticket, head over to the ride's Fastpass entrance, show your ticket to the Cast Member and enter the ride.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Fastpass?

There are 9 more things we think all guest should know before using the Fastpass System:


01. Each Fastpass gives guests a thirty minute window in which to use the ticket.


02. Each guest that wants to ride an attraction via Fastpass must have their own Fastpass ticket. One ticket will not admit your entire party. So if there are two of you, both people will need to hold their own Fastpass ticket.


03. Don't be late! Make sure to arrive at the Fastpass entrance before your slot ends. Some Cast Members will still let you through if you're a few minutes late, but some may not, so why chance it?


04. If you want a Fastpass for a specific time, take a look at the sign above the Fastpass machines, the time will be clearly displayed there.


05. You can only hold one Fastpass ticket at a time. The ticket will tell you what time you're able to obtain another Fastpass. This will generally be once your thirty minute window has started, so be wise and get another Fastpass before you use your first ticket.


06. Some Fastpass entrances can be tricky to find. Some are next to the standby entrances, which are easy to spot. Others, however, you have to search for. For example, the Fastpass entrance to Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain is around the corner from the standby entrance and is easily missed. The same is true of Big Thunder Mountain. If you get stuck, ask the Cast Member at the standby entrance and they'll point you in the right direction.


07. Fastpasses are limited and run out fairly quickly for certain rides. Big Thunder Mountain is often the first attraction to run out of Fastpasses for the day. So if you want to ride this attraction without waiting in the often 60 minute queue, make Big Thunder Mountain the first ride you pick up a Fastpass for. Peter Pan's Flight and Ratatouille are also very popular Fastpass attractions, so add those attractions to your list too.


08. The Fastpass service is only available during standard opening hours. So if you're staying onsite or are an annual pass holder and have EMT (Extra Magic Time) you'll have to wait until the parks open to the general public before you can get hold of your first Fastpass.


09. Not all Fastpasses are worth having. In the height of summer, all the Fastpasses are probably worth it, but when the crowds aren't too high, some Fastpasses will not save you much - if any - time. Here's a breakdown of where each Fastpass queue will get you:


• Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is probably our least used Fastpass ticket. The Fastpass queue joins with the regular queue early on. On average, you'll still be queuing for around 15-20 minutes before you jump on the ride. This Fastpass, in our opinion, is only worth obtaining if the queue extends out of the ride's building.

• Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. This ride rarely gets too busy, so getting hold of a Fastpass is not usually a priority for us. But check the queue times and assess if it's worth it. If the park is busy, grab a Fastpass. The Fastpass queue will bypass the standard queue completely and take you straight to the front of the line.


• Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain is another attraction where a Fastpass is only worth having when the park is busy. Even with a Fastpass, expect to queue for around 10 minutes before reaching the ride.

• Peter Pan's Flight is a ride that always seems to have a long queue and a having a Fastpass always seems worth it. This Fastpass queue takes you to the front of the line, so the amount of time you'll have to wait will only depend on how many Fastpass ticket holders there are in front of you, so expect to be on the ride within 5 minutes.


• Big Thunder Mountain is always the first ride we get a Fastpass for. Even though you'll have to wait around 10 minutes once you've entered the Fastpass queue, it will save you about 50 minutes of queuing if you want to ride it in the morning.


• Ratatouille: The Adventure is another good use of a Fastpass. The standby line has always been long when we've visited and having a Fastpass will bring you to the front of the queue. If the Fastpasses have run out, this is a great attraction to ride as a single rider. Not familiar with single rider?


• Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is another great Fastpass to have when the park is busy. The Fastpass queue bypasses the whole of the standby queue, taking you straight to the front of the line.


• The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of those rides where the queue varies a lot. We've been able to walk straight on with no queue one day and then at the same time the following day, we've had to queue for 30 minutes. If there are still Fastpasses available, grab one, just in case. There are two queues for Tower of Terror and a Fastpass will only let you bypass the first. So be prepared to queue whether you have a Fastpass ticket or not.

Have you made use of the Fastpass system? Let us know your favourite Fastpass ticket to get a hold of in the comment box below.

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