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How To Visit Disneyland Paris On A Budget

Our Top Tips To Help You Save Money At Disneyland Paris

How To Visit Disneyland Paris On A Budget (The Castle At Disneyland Park, Paris)

It will come as no surprise to you when we say a trip to Disneyland Paris can be pricey. It may be the happiest place on earth, but it comes at a price. However, there are ways you can save money on your Disneyland Paris trip and today, we're taking you through our top tips.


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01. Consider Staying Offsite

Staying offsite is a great way to save yourself some money when visiting Disneyland Paris. Val d'Europe is a great location, as it's only a short drive or bus ride away. It's train station is only one stop away from the train station just outside of the park gates and depending on which hotel or Airbnb you're staying at, you may even be withing walking distance, making Val d'Europe the perfect offsite location.

02. Choose Accommodation With A Kitchen

In our Disneyland Paris: Onsite vs Offsite post, we named Adagio Aparthotel (Disney partner hotel) and Hipark by Adagio Serris (non-partner hotel) as our favourite non-Disney hotels because of the kitchenettes in the apartments. With the cost of food being high in the parks, being able to prepare your own meals will help you save a lot of money over the course of your trip.

03. Plan A Shorter Trip

Maybe not the most popular tip on the list, but we've found you don't need a long trip to experience Disneyland Paris. Instead of a week, see if you can cut your trip down to 2 or 3 days to make it more affordable. Read our 2 day itinerary to see how to make the most of your time.

04. Invite Friends & Family

By going as a group, you can split the cost of airport transfers/car hire, accommodation and the food bill. So if your friends or family are thinking of taking a trip too, invite them along and share the expense as well as the magic.

How To Visit Disneyland Paris On A Budget (Cinderella Fountain at Disneyland Park, Paris)

05. Take Advantage Of Offers

If you're booking your trip through the Disneyland Paris website or via a third-party site (such as MagicBreaks) keep an eye out for the different deals that pop up throughout the year. Our favourite is the free half board dining offer, taking care of 2 of your meals each day. Our other favourite offers to look out for include "Save up to 25% off Hotel Packages" and "Free €100 Disney Spending Money". The"Extra Night(s) Free" offer is a great one if you're looking for a longer trip. Each of these deals are worth waiting for, so consider waiting to book your trip until one is available.

06. Consider Buying An Annual Pass

An annual pass is a great option if you're planning a long trip (usually 4+ days) or if you'll be making more than one trip to Disneyland Paris in the year. The different tiers of annual passes also offer different discounts in shops and restaurants in the parks. So even though buying an annual pass will cost more at once, you could be saving yourself a lot of money over the year. For the latest information on Disneyland Paris annual passes, visit their website here

07. Visit Outside Of School Holidays & National Holidays

As with any trip, travelling outside of the school holidays will be cheaper. The cost of flights and accommodation will be lower, park tickets will be less expensive and the parks will be quieter too. Make sure to check Spanish school holidays as well as UK and French holidays, as all 3 will have an impact on price and crowd levels.

How To Visit Disneyland Paris On A Budget (Tower of Terror)

08. Book Park Tickets In Advance

Entry tickets to both parks will be more expensive if you buy them on the day. Instead save yourself a bit of money (and time) by buying them in advance through the Disneyland Paris website here or through a trusted third-party company.

09. Remember Your Reusable Water Bottle

A bottle of water (500ml) in the parks will cost you around €3.30, so don't forget to bring your own if you want to save some money. There are water fountains dotted around both parks where you can fill up your bottle with cold water that's safe to drink. During our winter trips, we find that the outdoor drinking fountains don't always run due to the cold weather. So if you're visiting in winter, head inside the arcades either side of Main Street U.S.A as those fountains tend to keep running.

10. Pack Lunch & Snacks

We've already touched on the cost of food in the parks, so why not take your lunch and some snacks with you? Big picnic bags, glass bottles and alcohol are not permitted in the parks, but we've never been stopped from taking a couple of sandwiches and a few snacks with us.

11. Bring Your Own Stroller

To hire a pushchair/stroller costs around €15 per day, so if you have little ones, bringing your own stroller will certainly save you some money over the duration of your trip.

12. Be Prepared For The Weather

We've found that the weather can be unpredictable in Disneyland Paris, so make sure to pack weather-related items that you could need but might not think to bring with you such as ponchos umbrellas, gloves, sunglasses. These items are pricey - €10 for a thin plastic poncho! - so buy them for much less back home and avoid getting caught out.

13. Bring Disney Themed Souvenirs With You

Rather than buying toys and souvenirs from the parks, another good money-saving tip is to buy Disney gifts from home to give to your little ones. They'll be happy with their gifts and you'll be happy you saved some money.


Are there any money saving tips we missed? We're always looking for more ways to save money on our trips, so share your tips in the comment section below.

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