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Disneyland Paris: Park Bag Essentials

Disneyland Paris Travel Guide: What to pack in your park bag

Disneyland Paris Travel Guide: What to pack in your park bag

If you're planning your first trip to Disneyland Paris, you're possibly wondering what to pack in your park bag. In today's post, we're going through our list of park bag essentials and our top tips to help you decide what to take with you.


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What Type Of Bag Should You Take?

The first thing you need to decide is which bag to take with you. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the right bag:

Size. You don't want a bag that's too big, as you'll be tempted to fill it with things you don't really need. Remember, you'll be carrying it all day, so keep the bag as light as possible.

Functionality. Does the bag have pockets to make things easier to locate? It can be frustrating when you need to get to something quickly but all your things are in one large compartment. The bag should also have a zip to keep your valuables secure when on the rides.

• Is it practical for the rides? Can you take the bag on and off easily? Will it fit between your feet when on the rides? These are things you might not have considered.

• Fabric. Your bag is going to go through a lot and will probably spend most of the day on the floor of ride vehicles, under tables whilst you eat or on the floor as you wait for the parade or fireworks to begin. So make sure your bag is made of an easy to clean fabric.

So what do we use? We will always recommend taking a backpack into the parks. Not only will a backpack fit all the essentials, but having the bag on your back keeps your hands free for snacks! We love our Cath Kidston backpack. It's a good size, is made of a wipeable fabric and has lots of pockets and thick, comfortable straps. The exact design we have is no longer available, but this one is pretty close if you were wondering.

Be Prepared For The Weather

Much like in the UK, the weather in Disneyland Paris can be unpredictable. Making the wrong choices when it comes to packing your park bag can (not to be too dramatic) ruin your day.

In the warmer weather make sure to pack your sunglasses and a small bottle of sun cream in case the sun makes an appearance, a small handheld fan to stop you overheating whilst queuing for a ride and a small deodorant because...well, you know.

In the colder months, don't forget a pair of gloves and a warm hat for whilst you're waiting for the fireworks as well as handwarmers on icy cold days.

A small umbrella and ponchos or pack-away jackets are essential all year round for those unexpected downpours.

Don't Get Caught Out By Park Prices

You're probably aware that Disneyland shop prices are high, so don't get caught out and bring these essentials with you:

• A bottle of water (500ml) in the parks will cost you around €3.30, so don't forget to bring a reusable water bottle. There are water fountains dotted around both parks where you can fill up your bottle with cold water that's safe to drink.

• Don't forget to bring your weather-related items too, such as ponchos, umbrellas and sunglasses. For example, a thin, plastic poncho will cost around €10 inside the park, but you can buy one for much cheaper before your trip and bring it with you.

• Food is another big cost that you might not be expecting. If you want a bag of Walkers (Lay's) crisps, they're currently €2.80 per bag! Consider bringing your own lunch or snacks to the parks and save some money.


Your Phone. When you're at Disneyland Paris, the last thing you want to do is to be on your phone all day. But make sure it's easily accessible! We use our phones to take lots of pictures throughout the day, to access the Disneyland Paris app and to play games whilst waiting in long lines (more on this later) so make sure to bring it with you.

Along with your phone, you'll also want to pack a portable phone charger. You can rent a charger onsite, but save yourself the hassle and the cost and pack your own. Don't forget the charging cable too.

For Kids & Big Kids

These next items may not be essential for everyone, but if you have kids or (like us) are big kids at heart, you won't want to forget these items:

Minnie Ears. Don't panic too much if you forget your Minnie ears though - it gives you a great excuse to buy another pair.

Autograph Book & Pen. If you or your children like collecting autographs, make sure to have a book and pen close to hand for when you meet the characters. TIP: Bring a selection of different coloured Sharpies to make your autographs stand out (orange for Tigger, blue for Genie etc) Your book will stand out and the characters love the extra detail too.

Activities For The Queue. Waiting in long lines can be dull, so why not download a couple of games on your phone beforehand and play them with your family. Heads Up is a great choice when you're with a group.

Miscellaneous Items

These items don't really fall into other categories, but are just as essential.

A Mini First Aid Kit. There are medical centres on site in case of an emergency. But we always make sure to have a few plasters, tissues and pain killers on hand just in case.

• A small purse to carry bank cards, euros, our magic cards and train tickets.

Hairbrush. A hairbrush may seem a bit excessive, but after a couple of rides on Hyperspace Mountain, a hairbrush really comes in handy.

Reusable Straws. If you're like us and not really a fan of soggy paper straws, bring some reusable ones with you.

Hand gel, masks, tissues and wipes have become park essentials for us since the start of the pandemic.


Are there any items you think we've missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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