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What To Pack For Your Autumn Or Winter Trip To Iceland

Iceland Travel Guide: Packing List For An Autumn Or Winter Trip

Iceland Packing List For Autumn & Winter | The Organised Explorers Travel Blog

So you've booked yourself a plane ticket to Iceland - good choice! Iceland is an incredible country that has it all, black sand beaches, volcanic crater lakes, an array of stunning waterfalls, the northern lights and so much more. If you've clicked on this post, you're probably wondering what you need to take with you. After all, nobody likes taking too much with them or realising when they arrive that they forgot something important.

In today's post, we're taking you through our list of things we take with us when travelling to Iceland during the autumn & winter months.


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Let's Start With Clothing

When choosing what clothing to bring, you need to remember 3 things: Iceland is cold, wet & windy. So you need to make sure your clothing is suitable for the climate.

A Waterproof, Thermal Jacket. Temperatures get to as low as -5°C in Iceland, meaning you'll need layers and plenty of them. The most important layer you can pack is a good jacket. An ideal jacket for Iceland should be waterproof (so you can get up close to the waterfalls) thermal (for those sub zero temperatures) and longline (for extra warmth)

Iceland Packing List For Autumn & Winter | The Organised Explorers Travel Blog

Waterproof Thermal Trousers. You may be tempted to throw some jeans into your suitcase, but they're not the best choice when it comes to legwear. Winds are strong in Iceland and the cold air blows through jeans very easily. We would always suggest packing a couple of pairs of waterproof, thermal trousers or leggings instead. I love my Acai waterproof, thermal skinny trousers. Acai trousers are made from a water repellent soft shell material that is breathable and stretchy. If you love skinny jeans, I would highly recommend buying a pair of their denim look trousers.

Warm Sweaters & Fleeces. Leave the t-shirts at home and pack some warm fleeces and sweaters for your trip. Pack ones with a high neckline to keep the chill off your neck

Thermal Base Layers. If you're visiting Iceland in the middle of winter, you'll need some extra layers under your coat and sweaters. When choosing thermal base layers, look for items made with merino wool. Merino wool is much softer than regular wool and offers high levels of breathability and warmth.

Thermal, Waterproof Socks. If you're planning on getting close to some waterfalls, you'll want to keep your feet warm and dry. Pack a couple pairs of thermal, waterproof socks.

Iceland Packing List: Autumn Winter | The Organised Explorers

Pyjamas. The nights are going to be cold in Iceland, so make sure to pack some warm, cosy pyjamas in your suitcase. Throw in some cosy socks too for walking around your hotel room or cabin.

Swimwear. Swimwear in winter may seem odd, but if taking a dip in the milky blue waters of the Blue Lagoon is high on your bucket list, or if you're planning a trip to The Beer Spa (definitely on the itinerary for our next trip) you'll want to remember to pack your swimwear.


Wellies. If you have read some of our other Iceland posts, you'll know how much we love getting up close to Gljúfrabúi, an incredible waterfall hidden in a cave. The waterfall is only accessible by wading through a river (about mid-calf height) and into a dark cave. To keep your legs and feet warm and dry, pack a pair of wellies (rainboots).

Walking boots. Even if you're not planning on going on a hike whilst visiting Iceland, we would suggest you leave the trainers behind and pack a pair of walking boots. They are 100% essential for an Iceland adventure, especially in the colder months as the ground is uneven and can be icy in winter.

Flipflops. If you're taking a trip to the Blue Lagoon, The Beer Spa or one of Iceland's many natural springs, make sure to take a pair of flip flops.

Iceland Packing List For Autumn & Winter | The Organised Explorers Travel Blog

Bags & Accessories

Hat & Gloves. Make sure to bring some warm hats and gloves to help keep the cold away. When it comes to gloves, we like to bring a pair that are touch screen compatible, so we can take plenty of pictures without having to take the gloves off.

Rucksack. If you're planning to do some hiking whilst in Iceland, you'll want to bring a rucksack to carry some essentials. When choosing which bag to take, we would recommend a waterproof rucksack with thick straps for comfort.

Sunglasses. Something we nearly forget on any winter trip is a pair of sunglasses. Just because it's cold doesn't always mean it will be cloudy, so make sure to pack a pair of sunglasses so you can enjoy Iceland's natural beauty without squinting.

Iceland Packing List For Autumn & Winter | The Organised Explorers Travel Blog

What Other Things Should You Take?

Lip Balm & Moisturiser. Alongside general toiletries and make up, I always make sure to pack a lip-balm and a decent moisturiser in my suitcase. My lips and skin dry out in the cold weather so I like to have these items to hand.

Tangle Teezer. I use a Tangle Teezer hairbrush every day and find it's especially handy in Iceland. The wet, windy weather often means my hair is a knotty mess and a Tangle Teezer is the least painful way of removing the knots.

Towel. Your accommodation should provide towels for you to use, but we recommend bringing a towel with you when you're out exploring as you'll want to dry off after getting too close to the waterfalls or if you're brave enough to take a dip in the springs in winter.

Adapter. Chances are you're bringing electrical items with you such as a hair dryer, hair straighteners and phone chargers etc. Make sure to pack your UK to European adapter with you so you can use them.

Waterproof Camera. If love the water and taking photographs, make sure to bring a camera capable of being used under water, especially if you're visiting the Blue Lagoon or getting up close to some of Iceland's many waterfalls.

Iceland Packing List For Autumn & Winter | The Organised Explorers Travel Blog

That's our list of everything we pack for a trip to Iceland. You're probably wondering why we haven't included things such as passports and currency on this list. Check out ultimate packing guide for a list of our every trip essentials, to see what else we bring on our trips.

Did we miss something? Let us know what's on your list in the comment section below.

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