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Ultimate Packing List Guide

Travel Packing List Guide: Our Every Trip Essentials.

Packing List Guide

I LOVE packing for a trip. I'm the sort of person who starts making lists a week in advance and digs the suitcases out of the loft much earlier than I really need to. For me it makes the trip feel more real and if I'm packed early, it gives me the peace of mind that I have packed the things I'm going to need. If you've clicked on this post, you're probably wondering if you've remembered everything. After all, nobody likes taking too much with them but what's worse is realising when you arrive that you've forgot something important. In today's post, we're taking you through our list of things we always bring with us when travelling abroad.


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Travel Documents & Essentials

Travel folder. With a name like The Organised Explorers, it will come as no surprise to you that we like to be organised when travelling. A few years ago I purchased a travel wallet/folder and I never go on a trip without it. A travel wallet is a handy compact folder with compartments for essential items and documents you need when travelling abroad such as your passport, boarding passes, currency and any extra paperwork such as car rental documents etc. It makes travelling through the airport so much simpler. All of our documents in one place in a small folder so you can carry it through the different security checks and passport control areas without going in and out of your bag. I purchased a pretty one from the brand Cath Kidston, which I love because it's a nice design and is made from oil cloth which means it's easy to keep clean. There are plenty of different ones to choose from online from the budget friendly to premium quality. Passport. The first item going in your travel wallet should be your passport for obvious reasons. Keep it safe and in good condition and well within date. Visas, Boarding Passes & Drivers Licence. If it's your first trip to a country, I would recommend double checking if you will need a visa. I also like to print out our boarding passes if we're flying, rather than relying on my phone. And don't forget your drivers licence if you're planning on hiring a car. Insurance Policies. Travel and car hire insurance is a must do for all travellers. Paying for insurance gives you that peace of mind that if something happens with your flights, your luggage is lost or you lose something valuable whilst you're away, that it will be taken care of and you'll receive compensation. Do your research for good travel insurance companies and always read the small print. Make sure to print out your policy and take it with you, just in case you need to use it. Print Out All Documents & Confirmation Emails. This may seem a bit OTT for some, but I like to print out all documents and confirmation emails (such as flight information, car hire documents, accommodation confirmation emails etc) just in case internet access is tricky at my destination and there's an issue. Having printed documents came in handy on our last trip when we had trouble accessing the car park at airport - it was easier to hand over printed confirmation of our booking than to hand a stranger my phone.

Technology & Gadgets

Phones, Tablets & Camera. Aside from our phones and our camera, I like to make sure we have TV shows and movies downloaded on our tablets. It's good for during the flight, nice for when we want a quiet evening in and I like to watch something as I'm getting ready for the day. Don't forget your headphones too. Power Bank & Charging Cable. If you're like us and take plenty of pictures on your phone or use your phone or tablet a lot whilst you're out and about, you'll likely need to get your hands on a portable charger. We have a smaller, compact power bank for when we need a quick top up and we have this much larger one from Charmast for when we both need a full charge. Selfie-Stick. If you're travelling solo or as a couple a selfie stick is a great gadget to take with you. Yes they can look touristy, but you're a tourist and they're popular for a reason. We like to take pictures with us both in and the scenery of the country we're visiting. The selfie stick we use doubles up as a tripod and has a Bluetooth remote, so you can snap your pictures away from the camera - perfect for those full length shots.


Packing Cubes. Packing cubes are a great tool for organising your suitcase. Having a different "cube" for each group of items means your things are easy to find when you land too. Compression Bags. We have yet to try these out, but looking forward to using them on our next trip. If you're someone who struggles for space in their suitcase (or if you like to buy lots of bits whilst you're away and can't fit them back in your case) compression bags might be for you. They are like vacuum bags but without the need for a vacuum cleaner. Pop your clothes inside and simply squeeze the air out and voila, you've freed up plenty of space in your suitcase. Everything will probably be badly creased when you unpack, so make sure you have access to an iron where you're staying first. Bag For Dirty Laundry. You could use another packing cube if you have enough to store your dirty laundry in or you can take a tote bag. Before you put your laundry in it, use it when you go to the shops instead of using plastic. Ziploc Bag. Keeping any liquids away from other items is something we always do, just in case of any leaks. We keep our liquids in the Ziploc bag we use during airport security checks.

What Else Could You Need?

Universal Adapter. Chances are you're bringing electrical items with you on your trip such as a hair dryer, hair straighteners and phone chargers etc. Don't forget to pack your adapter with you so you can use them. Guide book. It's always good to take along a pocket sized travel book for the country you're visiting. We personally love the lonely planet books as they're very informative and provide lots of tips and advice. Mini First Aid Kit. I usually pack some plasters (band aids), antiseptic wipes, mini scissors, tweezers, pain killers and allergy medications. But make sure to pack whatever you might need personally. Earplugs. Sometimes your hotel or Airbnb might not be as quiet as you were hoping. We always bring our Beary Quiet earplugs with us. They mold to the shape of your ear and come in their own compact case, perfect for travelling with. Hand Sanitiser, Wipes & Face Masks. As a result of covid-19, these items have now become essential on all our trips. In the UK hand sanitiser is easy to get a hold of again and masks are sold by plenty of companies. Keep safe guys!


Is there anything we've missed that you like to take on a trip? Let us know in the comment section below.

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