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The Ultimate Packing List For A Trip To Greece

Greece Travel Guide: What To Pack On A Trip To Greece

Packing List

So you've booked yourself a plane ticket to Greece - good choice! Greece is a beautiful country that has it all, beautiful beaches, delicious food, friendly locals and quaint villages to explore. If you've clicked on this post, you're probably wondering what you need to take with you. After all, nobody likes taking too much with them or realising when they arrive that they forgot something important.

In today's post, we're taking you through our list of things we always bring with us when travelling to Greece and it's islands.


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Let's Start With Clothing

Cute Swimwear. Most people will visit Greece to relax on it's beautiful beaches and swim in the Mediterranean sea, so don't forget to bring your swimwear. A bikini is a good option if you're wanting to top up your tan and I also like to pack a pretty swim dress for when I want to cover up. We recommend packing 2 swimsuits/shorts/bikinis so you can wear one as you let the other dry. Shorts, Skirts & Dresses. We suggest light, loose clothing, especially if you're visiting in the warmer months. I prefer to wear shorts with a simple tee or tank top during the day and if it's still warm in the evening, I like to dress it up a bit and wear a pretty dress or skirt. Light Trousers. Back in the UK, I live in my jeans, but I find that they're too thick and heavy for Greece's summer sun. So I leave the jeans at home and pack a couple of pairs of pretty, lightweight trousers instead. Light, Long Sleeved Shirts. Sometimes the sun is so intense that you need to keep the sun off your skin. So alongside cami tops, tanks and tees, I always pack a couple of lightweight long sleeved shirts. A Light Scarf. A light scarf can come in handy on those cooler, breezy nights and it can also double up as protection from the sun if you have sensitive skin. Gym Gear. Gym gear will come in handy if you're planning on getting stuck into some hiking, kayaking or other activities on your trip. A simple pair of sports leggings and a loose tank top are a good option and don't forget your lightweight hiking shoes. A Light Jacket or Blazer. I like to pack a light jacket or dress up my evening outfits with a blazer for those cooler nights. Lightweight Pyjamas. For the warmer months, I like to bring pyjamas that are lightweight so I'm not too hot in the night. For a 1 week trip, I'll usually pack 2 pairs.

Packing List

What Footwear Will You Need?

Sandals. When it comes to choosing which sandals to bring, I would recommend skipping the heels and opting for a flat pair instead. Cobblestone streets and heels aren't a good match.

Flip Flops. Flip flops are always handy for walking to and from the pool or beach.

Water Shoes. A number of the beaches we have visited in Greece have been pebbly, making walking in the sea tricky. We're adding these water shoes to our list for our next trip.

Trainers / Sneakers. Even though we all love to spend most of our time relaxing on the beach, Greece has so much more to offer. If you're planning on exploring the local villages or going on a gentle hike in the mountains, make sure to bring more substantial footwear than just sandals.

Bags & Accessories

A Backpack. If you're exploring the local towns and villages, you'll want a backpack big enough to hold your essentials and any souvenirs you pick up. A Beach Bag. We always pack a separate bag to carry all our beach essentials in. We always seem to end up with sand in our beach bag, so a separate bag, just for beach days seems to work better for us. We use a simple tote bag as they're easy to shake out and clean. Handbag/Purse. It's always nice to take a small, cute bag to dress up your evening outfits and carry your phone, camera and some money. Hair Ties. For those of you with longer hair, hair ties are an essential item to pack. In the summer, I like to stay cool and keep my hair off my neck and shoulders, so I make sure to bring some hair ties. I personally love to use snag-free ties. I also love a pretty scrunchie to jazz up my ponytail or bun. They're something we always need, but always seem to forget to pack. Headbands. I have a bit of an obsession with headbands at the moment. They're a cute hair accessory to jazz up a simple look, but they're practical too for keeping your hair out of your face when it's hot. So I like to pack a few in my case for different outfits. I can't find an exact link to my favourite ones, but I'm very tempted by these beauties. Statement Earrings. I'm not much of a jewellery person. Aside from my engagement and wedding ring, I don't generally wear any jewellery. But in the evening I like a colourful pair of large earrings (usually tassel) to dress up a simple outfit. A Hat. The skin on your face is delicate and prone to sun damage, so don't forget to bring a hat to help keep the sun off your face. I personally prefer a large, floppy sun hat, as it also covers your neck and shoulders. But if giant hats aren't your thing, a fedora or baseball style cap are good options too. Sunglasses. With the bright sun, you won't want to forget your sunglasses. Enjoy the beauty of Greece without the squinting and bring a backup pair, just in case.

Packing List

Toiletries You Don't Want To Forget

Sun Cream / Sunscreen. Greece gets hot, often hitting temperatures of 35°C during the summer months, so it's important to protect your skin from heat damage. We personally prefer the Ambre Solaire Clear Protect range and the NIVEA Sun Protect & Dry Touch Invisible range as they are clear sprays which don't leave you feeling sticky. You can buy sun cream when you arrive, but it can be pricey and there's less choice. So it's best to pack some in your suitcase. Lip-Balm With SPF. Alongside the every day, general toiletries and make up, I always make sure to pack a lip-balm with SPF. My lips dry out in the sun and using a lip balm with SPF also prevents them from getting burnt. Heat Defence Spray. If you have longer hair, you likely use heat defence spray to protect your locks from your hot styling tools. But did you know that the sun can also damage your hair? I always pack my TRESemme Heat Defence Hair Spray. Bring a full-sized bottle if you already have one, or pick up a travel-sized bottle here. Wet Brush. A wet brush is always a good idea when you're having pool or beach days. Make sure to pop one in your beach bag for after you've been for a swim. There are different brands out there, but I personally prefer my Tangle Teezer. They're high quality and gentle on hair, reducing the risk of breakage. A Good Moisturiser. After being out in the heat all day, make sure to look after your skin and hydrate it. Aftersun Lotion / Aloe Vera Gel. Along with a good moisturiser, pack some aftersun lotion or aloe vera gel. Even when we're careful and apply plenty on sun cream throughout the day, our skin can still get damaged by the sun. Take care of your skin and apply some after sun, especially if you feel as though you've been burnt. Mosquito Repellent. Are you someone who is prone to bug bites in Greece? Or is this is your first trip to Greece and you're unsure if you'll be bitten or not? Pack some bug repellent with you just in case.

What Other Things Might You Forget?

European Adapter. Chances are you're bringing electrical items with you such as a hair dryer, hair straighteners and phone chargers etc. Make sure to pack your UK to European adapter with you so you can use them. Beach Towel. Some hotels provide beach towels for their guests. But if your hotel doesn't provide towels or you're staying in an Airbnb, make sure to add a beach towel to your packing list. Umbrella. Unfortunately it does rain in Greece, especially from November - April. Avoid getting caught out and pack an umbrella if you have room left in your case for one. Handheld, Rechargeable Fan. A rechargeable fan is always handy to have in the summer heat. Most restaurants and hotels will be cool enough, but we always bring our rechargeable fans for those times when the heat is just too much. We personally have a small fan which also comes with a stand, so it's perfect if you're like me and get too warm as you're getting ready for the day. Under Water Camera. Under water photographs are becoming more and more popular. If love the water and taking photographs, make sure to bring a camera capable of being used under water. A Water Bottle With Filter. It's always a good idea to keep well hydrated when the weather is hot, but the water in some areas of Greece isn't suitable to drink. Instead of buying bottles of water when you're over there, why not pack a good quality bottle with a filter. A Coin Purse. Even though most shops and restaurants take cards, we found that some prefer it if you use cash. We make sure to bring a coin purse for all the loose change we gather throughout our trips. A Book Or Two. On a relaxing holiday, I like to switch off and read a book for an hour or two. Most people prefer a kindle, but I'm still a bit old-school and like my physical books. Whichever option you prefer, make sure to pack a good, easy read. A Mini First Aid Kit. I usually pack some plasters (band aids), antiseptic wipes, mini scissors, tweezers, pain killers and allergy medications. But make sure to pack whatever you might need personally. Hand Sanitiser, Wipes & Face Mask. As a result of covid-19, these items have now become essential on all our packing lists. In the UK, hand sanitiser is easy to get a hold of again and masks are sold by plenty of companies. Keep safe guys!


Is there anything we've missed that you like to take on a trip to Greece? Let us know in the comment section below and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest

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